List of Worldwide Hosts for Ukranians | Список всесвітніх хостів для українців

Here is a list of hosts from worldwide official government data, groups, and news. You can also go into groups where there are a lot of people waiting to help, host, offer rides and you can post your questions and requests there. The list will be constantly updated.

The whole world is standing powerfully beside you, dear Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

🐶🐱🐰🐹 Very important: Do not leave your pets behind, take them with you, most people in groups who offer shelter will take them in, too. (We saw many messages where people said they will leave their pets behind, take them with you.)

💗 If you are asking yourself how to help Ukraine, go into your country’s groups and see what you can do.

Photo from Host a Sister Group from a host in California

💙💛🌍 Worldwide Hosts & Info | Всесвітні хости та інформація для українців

🔹Facebook Group Host a Sister:
You can find and ask info for any region & country, only women.

❤️🤍💙USA for Ukraine | Сполучені Штати Америки для України

🔹 SUPPORT UKRAINE, UKRAINIANS IN USA a helpful group for Ukrainians wanting to arrive in the US.

❤️🤍Poland for Ukraine | Польські господарі для українців

🔹 Official Polish Gvt Site: Refugee Camps
Info about official places to stay organized by the GVT. Phone number: +48 47 721 75 75

💛💚❤️ Lithuania for Ukraine | Литва для України

🔹 is a site where you can find shelters and help available in Lithuania

Mandachi Hotel

💙💛❤️ Romania for Ukraine | Румунські господарі для українців

🔹 Romanian Group UNIȚI PENTRU UCRAINA – Єдині за Україну 
Hosts, cars and rides from Kiev to Romania plus other info

🔹 Romanian National Council for Refugees – CNRR can help with info about crossing the border and more. If you encounter any problems in the process of crossing the border give them a phone here: +40 730 073 170 and they will help.

🚌 Rides:
🚌The bus company Tarsin is offering free rides to Ukrainian people from the Siret Border to Bucharest, Suceava, and Radauti. They can help find hosting too.
Phone: 0040 744.624239 and +0040 230.561888

🚌Tabita Tour is transporting Ukrainian people for free from the Siret border and Suceava airport, helping them to reach train stations, bus stations, and surroundings. They are also offering free transportation for children and discounts for adults if they want to travel from Romania to Spain, Italy or France by bus with their company. Phone: +40 363 730 220

Cities in Romania

🔷 Bucharest for Ukrainians | Бухарест для українців

In Bucharest we have multiple FB groups where you can post your message and people will help with info, shelter, and meals.
💗 Expats and locals in Bucharest
💗 Foreigners & Expats in Bucharest
💗 Expats in Bucharest – Living in Romania

🔹 Asociația RAY is receiving 2 people with up to 5 pets.

🔹 In Bucharest, for people needing clothing, food, and any other kind of advice you can contact Together For Humanity, Banca de haine. Person of contact: Razvan Popa +40723336495

People to contact/ follow for info & help

🔹 Cristian Dascălu, a true wonder man who is helping hundreds with info and links. Also a known Youtuber and IT entrepreneur.
🔹 Chris Kubecka with the Project Dynamo can lend a hand to people who want to get out of Ukraine or who need free transportation.

📋 For Ukrainians wanting to stay and get a job in Romania, Lugera Makler is helping with free consultancy, C.V., and further assistance in order to help them obtain a job.

🔷 Suceava for Ukrainians | Сучава для українців

(Person of contact): Ștefan Mandachi provides in Suceava:
Alex Danilov is offering free rides to this hotel and can be contacted at this number: +40 (742) 696 939
🏢 Free 4* Hotel Stay for people WITH animals
🍰 Free food at all his Spartan fast-foods for any Ukrainian (you only need to show the ID)

🔷 Alba Iulia for Ukrainians | Альба Юлія для українців

💒Cities: Răchiș and Dumbrava Monastery have places for 30 refugees

🔷 Neamț for Ukrainians

🏡 Silviu-Bogdan Ardeleanu is providing his 3 cabins in Izvorul Muntelui, Neamț. 12 rooms available with sauna.
Phone: 0738 919 878

🔷 Timișoara for Ukrainians

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Ajutor pentru UCRAINA din Timisoara is a Facebook group from Timișoara with people ready to offer free accommodation, meals, or other kinds of support.

🔷 Tulcea for Ukrainians

Hotel & Restaurant Pescaresc Select Tulcea is offering daily free meals to Ukrainians based on ID.

For other groups send me a message HERE and I will update the list.

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